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Jean-Michel Ferry was born in Remiremont in 1953. He studied architecture in the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, in Paris, Rue Bonaparte, then in Montpellier, while working for several architecture agencies (Gomis with E. Ciriani et B. Huidobro, Mr Jung in Luxembourg) and for the state as a town planner (G.E.P. in Montpellier).

He settled in Hérault in 1979 and was very soon interested in the child's space, in the old age's architecture, in the handicapped persons' accommodation and in the social housing. His creations in these fields won him to be the prize-winner of many concourses (Center of Prades le Lez, C.R.E.A. in Millau, the "quatre seigneurs" MAS for handicapped persons for the A.D.A.G.E.S. ) and the winner of architecture prizes ("Spirales de l'innovation" for the handicapped persons' institute l'Ensoleillade, "40 architectes de moins de 40 ans" for the Maison des Entreprises).

Apart from these fields of intervention, he went further and developed his own research on the unity of the suburban space within the framework of many town planning studies.

His settling in a rural environment naturally led him to be interested in the rehabilitation and in the extension of existing buildings; the twenty years he has spent working in this area have allowed him to gain a solid experience in the preservation, the restructuring and the consolidation of the heritage, for vernacular Languedoc housing as well as for whole blocks, which are sometimes listed (buildings in the safeguarded area of Pézenas, the Providence old people's home in the centre of Montpellier, the old convent of Millau, the Villa Savine in Montpellier).

Finally, the agency has worked on many industrial projects, as well as on detached houses in a limited number which are all innovative, unique, and some of which got publications.

Among the current projects we can list:
The restructuring of the rest centre of La Grande-Motte for the Mutualité Française (5,000 m2).
Center for hold people in Puisserguier. (2500 m2)
Centre for handicapped persons for the ADAGES : "Plan des quatre seigneurs" (3,000 m2).
The restructuring and extension of the Assomption middle school. (7,000 m2)
The campus of the new Faculty of Medecine in Montpellier "Arnaud de Villeneuve" for the Montpellier 1 university. (town planning: 54,000 m2)
An audiovisual training centre in Castries. (2,000 m2)
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